Things I Believe


Things I believe.

Most of the time we go through life day by day and don't often talk about or express our beliefs and faith.  Maybe we are afraid of hurting someone's feelings, offending a co-worker, disappointing a family member, or even loosing a business account.   So we just continue to let things slide and go about our daily activities.


I have decided to be more open about my faith and beliefs through this website and post some original thoughts, stories, and other articles which I have found or perhaps friends and family members have sent to me.  I know that some readers will be offended  and may leave this site feeling really mad, and will disagree with some of the articles and be outraged that anyone could even claim ownership of the ideas being expressed.  And then there are those few who find truth and comfort in the written words of these pages.


To all of you who know me, most of this will be no surprise.  And who knows, maybe I will make a few new friends along the way.  So let me begin......


Oh by the way, let me know how I'm doing, drop me a line