“My two cents”


Merriam Webster Explains:

Definition of two cents or two cents' worth,

: an opinion offered on a topic under discussion send your two cents' worth to your senator
: a sum or object of very small value :  practically nothing said angrily that for two cents he'd punch your nose

Cambridge Dictionary explains:

your two cents' worth, also your two

your spoken opinion on a particular matter:

I thought I'd just throw in (= add) my two cents' worth.

Wikipedia explains:

"My two cents" ("my 2¢") and its longer version "put my two cents in" is an American idiomatic expression, taken from the original English idiom "to put in my two cents worth." It is used to preface the tentative statement of one’s opinion. By deprecating the opinion to follow—suggesting its value is only two cents, a very small amount—the user of the phrase hopes to lessen the impact of a possibly contentious statement, showing politeness and humility. However, it is also sometimes used ironically when expressing a strongly held opinion. The phrase is also sometimes used out of habit to preface uncontentious opinions.

J.S.Trodler Explains:

“My two cents”

Life is short, in the long run not much matters, except for that very important conversation you will have with God some day, yes it will happen, even if you are an unbeliever.