TrodlerFest 2017 Movies

Friday night, August 4th

Saturday night, August 5th

2 movies will be played each night

OK, this is a real vote for your choice

Adults and Kids can vote

Email me your suggestions and vote

Everyone gets 2 votes

(No absentee ballots allowed)

(No need to pre-register Republican, Democrat, or Independent)

Beauty and the Beast,  1,  Colleen

(new live action one)

Uncast Votes

Everyone has voted


  1. 1.Suggest any movie.

  2. 2.You can use your two votes on one movie.

  3. 3.You can use your two votes on two separate movies. (1 vote each)

  4. 4.No changing your vote after it has been submitted.

Moana,  7, Emily, Jessica, Aaniyah, Carrie, Carrie, Daryl, Daryl

Movie Selection  : Vote Tally  :  Who

Trolls, 19, Emily, Mara, Tim, Gus, Willow, Patrick, Jennifer, Heidi, Sawyer, Spencer, Brenda, Patrick, Ella, Liam, Matt, Matt, Tara, Paige, Paige

Princess Bride, 11, Mara, Tim, Gus, Willow, Patrick, Jennifer, Cheryl, Perry, Heidi, Sawyer, Spencer

Eddie Murphy Raw!, 2, Tara, Andrew

Secret life of pets, 7, Andy, Andrew, Brenda, Patrick, Ella, Liam, Fred

Cars 2, 6, Andy, Steve, Steve, Fred, Pat, Pat

How to train your dragon 2, 2, Cheryl, Perry

Sing,  4, Jessica, Aaniyah, Chris, Chris

Lego Batman, 1, Colleen

Secret life of Humans, 1,  Tula

Who’s bringing what Movie

Trolls > Patrick & Jennifer

Princess Bride >  ?

Secret lives of pets >  ?

Moana >  Patrick & Jennifer

Sing > ? (for extra backup)